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Quickly & Easily Go From Spot Arrays to Spreadsheet Data

Quick Spots enables you to quickly and easily analyze the results of your R&D Systems Proteome Profilerâ„¢ Antibody Array experiments.

QuickSpots aligns the spot array template* over your image and calculates the pixel density at each site. Export your results to any spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel. (Watch a demo video below.)

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Requirements: 64-bit Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows XP

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The first time you open Quick Spots, it will ask for an Activation Code. Use this form to purchase. Then generate your code here.

* Templates are supplied for: ARY001B, ARY002B, ARY003B-PartA, ARY003B-PartB, ARY003C-PartA, ARY003C-PartB, ARY004B, ARY005, ARY005B, ARY006, ARY007, ARY008, ARY009, ARY010, ARY011-PartC, ARY011-PartH, ARY012-PartC, ARY012-PartH, ARY013, ARY014, ARY015, ARY016, ARY017, ARY018, ARY019, ARY020, ARY021B, ARY022, ARY022B, ARY023, ARY024, ARY025**, ARY026, ARY027, ARY028, ARY029, ARY030, ARY031

** ARY025 is a twin-pack array containing ARY021B and ARY023. The templates created for ARY021B and ARY023 can be used for ARY025.

Demo: Go From Spot Array Image to Spreadsheet in One Minute

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