Ideal Eyes Systems

OptimEyes API/SDK

(OptimEyes API is pure C++)

The OptimEyes API provides low level control.

OptimEyes contains a full Application Programming Interface (API) also called a Software Development Kit (SDK). This API is fully object oriented and written in C/C++ that can be used with Microsoft Visual Studio.

In the world of image processing and machine vision, there are countless methods to do specific tasks, and no single company or application can provide all of them. That is why each specific method in OptimEyes (such as Blob Analysis or Edge Finding) is placed into a separate Tool, and each Tool has its own API. These APIs use the basic building blocks provided in the OptimEyes Main API.

The Main OptimEyes API contains the basics that all imaging applications will need, such as:

  • 6 Image Types with transparent overlays
  • 8 ROI Types
  • Curve Objects
  • Graph Objects
  • List Objects
  • Camera Calibration Objects
  • VisualEyes Script Objects
  • and more...

By separating out the API in this manner, it is easier to understand and use, allowing you to combine the Main API, all Tool APIs, or other 3rd Party APIs, to meet the needs of your custom application.