Ideal Eyes Systems

Privacy Policy

This page describes how we collect and use information from visitors to this website and users of our products.

Personally Identifiable Information

On some pages on this website, we collect personally identifiable information such as names and email addresses. This information is used to send announcements and other information related to this website to customers and subscribers. It is also used to control access to paid or otherwise restricted content.

Personally identifiable information is never shared with third parties without first obtaining explicit consent for the specific usage.


We use cookies to track logins to the website. We may also use cookies to analyze how visitors use the site in order to improve the visitor experience.

The cookies contain no sensitive information.

Access Logs & Visit Tracking

We log all access to our website using local logs and Google Analytics. Access logs record the IP address from which the website was accessed. Access logs are not shared with third parties. Other than being recorded and stored by the Google Analytics system, Google Analytics data is not shared with third parties.

Click Tracking

Links in emails sent from this site may contain tracking codes to enable us to analyze customer response to our communications. Aggregate data may be disclosed to third parties. Personally identifiable tracking data is not shared with third parties without first obtaining explicit consent.

Our Products

Our products (OptimEyes Developer, QuickSpots, etc.) do not collect any personal information from users. They do not transmit any data from the computer they are running on to any other computer except in cases where the user causes such transmission, such as:

  • Saving a file on a networked drive instead of on a local hard drive.
  • Using an OptimEyes tool to intentionally transmit data from a machine vision application to another computer.

Our products are not cloud-based and do not perform any networking functions other than any created by the user or the author of a VisualEyes Script used by the user.

Changes to This Policy

Due to the rapidly evolving technologies on the Internet, we may occasionally update this privacy policy. All revisions will be posted on this page.

Privacy policy updated Mar 28, 2024.